February 20, 2017

Current Trends And Future Prospects Of The Mobile App Market

    The mobile app market is growing faster than a beanstalk. The industry is huge and growing daily, and there is no end in sight. […]
February 17, 2017

Web Development Reading List #170: Hamburger Alternatives, Libsodium In PHP And Choosing Profit

    As web developers, we need to rely on our knowledge, and choosing solutions we’re already familiar with is often the most convenient approach to […]
February 17, 2017

Exclusive Icon Set: Elements From Space To Earth

    Have you ever dreamt of exploring the deep sea and getting up close to its fascinating, weird creatures? Or maybe you’ve dreamt of boarding […]
February 16, 2017

Copy If You Can: Improving Your UI Design Skills With Copywork

    There’s a technique for improving one’s user interface design skills that is the most efficient way I know of expanding one’s visual vocabulary but […]
February 15, 2017

The Realities Of UX Design In The Luxury Industry

    For luxury companies and upscale lifestyle service providers, excellence in experience is an essential component of the value delivered. Conceptually different from the mass […]
February 14, 2017

Experimenting With speechSynthesis

    I’ve been thinking a lot about speech for the last few years. In fact, it’s been a major focus in several of my talks […]
February 14, 2017

30 Free Fonts With Personality And Style

    The sharing spirit in the design community is remarkable. Designers spend countless hours on side projects and without asking for anything in return, they […]
February 13, 2017

To Use Or Not To Use: Touch Gesture Controls For Mobile Interfaces

    Many criticize gestural controls as being unintuitive and unnecessary. Despite this, widespread adoption is underway already, and the UI design world is burning the […]
February 10, 2017

Web Development Reading List #169: TLS At Scale, Brotli Benefits, And Easy Onion Deployments

    Everyone here can have a big impact on a project, on someone else. I get very excited about this when I read stories like […]
February 9, 2017

How To Create A Realistic Clock In Sketch

    Creating a clock in Sketch might not sound exciting at first, but we’ll discover how easy it is to recreate real-world objects in a […]
February 8, 2017

The Role Of Empty States In User Onboarding

    The first set of screens with which users interact, set the expectations of the app. To make sure your users don’t delete your app […]
February 7, 2017

HTML APIs: What They Are And How To Design A Good One

    As JavaScript developers, we often forget that not everyone has the same knowledge as us. It’s called the curse of knowledge: When we’re an […]