Posters are the most cost-effective way to reach a large-scale audience, and with the right message and design, they’re quick to make an impact.

Advertise your big event around town, make everyone aware of your newest product, or get something printed off for your bedroom wall. Poster Printing is available in a wide range of sizes, from the compact A3 to the massive 60 x 40! Come rain or shine, your message will stand bright on durable 200 or 400mic weatherproof PVC, while for indoor placement, 250gsm silk paper is also available.

• Finished Size: 420mm x 297mm
• Print: Four colour process (CMYK)
• VAT: Included in price
• Delivery: Included in price.

Our poster range is printed digitally on a wide format press. Our lightbox graphics are printed on 300mic Backlit Polypropylene. Lightbox unit not included.

Turnaround times: Everything in your order must be signed off by 5pm or your order will be delayed until every item is approved.

Please set up your artwork to the following specifications:
• Size with bleed: 426mm x 303mm
• Resolution: 150 dpi minimum
• Format: PDF or JPEG
• Colour: CMYK (RGB/Pantones will be converted during proofing)
• Fonts: Outlined or Embedded
• Bleed: 3mm
• Safe Zone: 3mm
• No printer marks

PLEASE NOTE: Artwork submitted via e-mail before 1pm is guaranteed to be proofed before 4pm artwork submitted after 1pm may be proofed after the cut off, which can delay your order.